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Rose and the crucifix by AdrixCosta
Rose and the crucifix
Yeah, i'm so good doing titles...

I did this drawing a long time ago... but i only remember to put it here now XD
I this this while i was on my intership in a nursing home, the old people really liked it :) one asked if i could draw a rose for her.

Drawing by: AdrixCosta
Moon Princess by AdrixCosta
Moon Princess
Hi guys!!!<3
Today i bring you the one and only Serinity the Princess of the moon!
I love Sailor Moon since i was a child, and i really wanted to draw her more frquently but.... whenerver i drawed her it looked like shit.
But this time i like the result, hope you guys like it!
Whisper .: Do Not Follow Strangers :. by AdrixCosta
Whisper .: Do Not Follow Strangers :.
This is  my and MissArtBlock Creppy Pasta OC

I asked MissArtBlock to do me a Creppy Pasta OC because i really like the stories that she creates, and then i decided to share this character with her :) (Smile) Whisper will have the double of love now!

I'm going to copy the story from my friends D.A ith little modifications:

Bullet; Red Whisper (formely Rebecca) was a lonely girl. She wasn't the type of having big conversations, but the short ones she would have would leave a mark on people's hearts in some way. She was really shy and no one around her would seem to pay attention or like her. She didn't know what friends quite were, but she would love to get one; Only didn't know how to.

Valentines day was coming up, when Rebecca got the shock of her life; On her locker was an unknown letter that said that the person would love to meet her in the forest near the school at nightfall. She was too excited to refuse the offer. At that night, Rebecca saw a shadow of what appeared a senior boy of her school pass by. She followed him deeper in the forest, hoping that in that night, something truly unforgetable would happen. And something did happen. The senior pinned her agressively against a tree, where without mercy raped the girl, leaving her afterwards alone in the grass, covered in cuts and scratches. With the last strength she had, she slowly dressed herself up and tried to crawl outside the forest, as tears were flowing down her crystal blue eyes. Then everything slowly turned blury, as what she thought to be her last words were: "Never forgive... Never forget... Won't follow... Won't fall... For strangers...."

Now some info about her!
Bullet; RedName: Rebecca Hunter
Bullet; RedProxy Name:Whisper
Bullet; RedEspecification of the name: She started to claim herself Whisper because she atracts her victims by whispering things that would feels like honey to their hearts, specially kids
Bullet; RedLikes: To be alone, annoy Jeff, Laughing's Jack troll ways, Cherries, Blood, Stripes, To Hunt (as her surname suggests) her victims, and Masky
Bullet; RedDislikes: Jeff, Spoiled brats, Delicate people, People who don't have balls, Rape, Romance, Big mouthed people and many other things....
Bullet; RedPersonality: Cursed words are a big part of Whisper's vocabulary! Unlike her nickname suggests, around the mansion she screams all the time with curse words. Although Whisper and Jeff are pretty much the same in that aspect, they cannot see their faces in the same room if Slenderman isn't around, they would just end up killing each other. Same thing goes to Jane of course. She HATES people that cry all the time or think they can't do something. In those moments Whisper yells "Just grow some balls!" (pretty ironic no?). But deep inside, she has a heart made of honey! When hit the right spot, Whisper is a really protective and honest person, but it can be really harsh to get to that side.Her tutor is Laughing Jack

Bullet; Red And since then, parents like to teach children to not talk or follow strangers... Which just grows their curiosity more...

Whisper belongs to :iconadrixcosta: :iconmissartblock:
Story by :iconmissartblock:
Art by:iconadrixcosta:

Another art of Whisper:
<da:thumb wytiwyg="1" id="470637869">


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So its been a while since i wrote something on this jornal.
So you should know whats going on in my life.

Im on a socialcultural animation course (i dont know if its called like this in englishXD) im really liking it because i have music, teather (dramatic class)where i already entered a little teather wherei was Cruella De Vil it was really awesome!!, and i have plastic arts class thats really good for me :). And we(me and my classmates) have been doing a lot of events(valentines day, fathers day etc...), and with this we gained an enemy... the art class... they think their should be doing the only one doing this kind of events...i don't really care what they think....

On my personal life:
I Have a new computer and a drawing tablet!! im really happy!!
and i dont know what to say more XD

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